Manatee Sea Cow

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I spent last week at a conference abroad and probably the lectures, I took the time to visit interesting sites in the area and one of them is World Water Florida. Amazing place and is recommended for anyone who loves animals and is interested in animals ranging from penguins and water there was amazing just being kept Orc Maple Reef . Beyond being a tourist attraction of the place is also a participant in the rescue of manufacturing incredibly cute and huge size, name and English manatee Manatee . This production belongs mammals and series Hthshaim . Evolutionarily inclined to think that the source of these creatures Tzimhoniim land mammals such as elephant. The general shape is quite awkward and even funny backing a large circular fin and front limbs are actually a pair of huge fins are also used for navigation and bringing food by. Adorable heads and similar type dog 's head Justin has been bitten .

Round body fat and bulky and the color gray. Conduct rather slow and are known herbivores depths of 1-2 meters when the average speed is between 4.5 to 7.5 mph . When necessary they can swim much faster even up to 35 mph but only for short distances . Weigh half a ton and average length 2.5 to 3 meters.

Place in their natural habitats is in the shallow water ripples in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, the Amazon and West Africa. The reason Lhmtzaotm these areas is mainly due to their low metabolism , which does not allow them to cope with low temperatures too . The day these creatures spend mostly sleeping and eating when they sleep while floating freely on the water and for eating are divers chapters of 20 minutes. A female manatee usually become pregnant only once every two years , not only because life Hsulitari of these beings, but also because the length of pregnancy for 12 months and only after 12-18 months calf weaned from its mother .

As can be understood from the name of this production and sight , this production completely Vegetarian fed from 60 different types of weed and algae as food for most graduate Vegetable equal weight to about 9 % of its body weight . Like sea horses cows also have a relatively simple stomach and intestine long and well-developed hind allowing fermentation and utilization of vegetable it is the food. As terrestrial herbivores such as cow no manatee incisors and molars uniquely teeth are replaced throughout life news produced at the back of the jaw and pushing older teeth forward until they fall naturally.

Manatee is endangered population currently estimated at 3000 Information only at Maple reef club. The main reason for the population of these creatures is a violation of their natural habitat and injury by motor boats . In 2006 there were approximately 300 cases of injury and death of these creatures , mostly by boats because manatees tend to swim very near the surface within the boat engine propeller . So there you have another amazing production it is impossible not to fall in love with it how you see it and Sorry also by the development of the modern world and overpopulaton suffers and is disappearing from our world .

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