Seal. General name for animals belonging to the series of sea predators or Snfrgaliim (whose legs became fins). This series is divided into three families: dogs s true (they lack the outer) Aotariim (they have the outer: The short list includes sea lions, see Sea Lion), and walruses. The seals are excellent swimmers, who can stay period - a long time under water. When they dive, slowing their heart rate, which helps them to extend their stay under water.

They can even sleep underwater, but every ten minutes they float on the water and inhale deeply,. Calving season are pregnant females to land (or ice reef) and give birth to usually one infant. Soon after birth they mate with males and Return into the water with Dan, and they remain in the water until the next littermates. All species living in the cold under the skin has a thick fatty layer that maintains body temperature. Family of true seals included 13 types, including 19 species. The largest of them are the two species of the genus Phil sea - Phil North Sea and South Sea Elephant.

Phil 's name derives from its squalor mighty sea male elephant seal is the largest of all sea predators. It may reach a length of six meters and a weight of three tons and the fact that his nose like trunk and can move. Females are smaller than males. Phil is most prevalent in the South Sea islands near bald near Antarctica. Almost to the northern species of the world, but today is a life is protected. Elephant seals different from the rest of the family being polygamous, that every male confining himself to a living space (territory) is defined, which is a collection of several females. All other species are monogamous and live in pairs during the breeding season, and often throughout the year in Maple Reef. South Sea alone knocks of life in the southern hemisphere four species of seals. The most common one is a dog Sea crabs, fed not only carcinogenic but also fish. Tiger seal called its name mottled fur. It has great life, practice alone, and probably fed fish and aquatic links and penguins Birds Sea Dogs Young Sea.

Living in the far south and low seal, face similar before a bulldog. Is considerable fur gray sprinkled with spots often. Northern Hemisphere species commonly known as poker is. Gray coat yellow and mottled variety of great spots. The male can reach a length of two meters. Foucault animals are usually close to the ground, bands of a hundred details and more. They feed on fish, squid and crustaceans and those which reach the age of twenty years. Are common in the north Atlantic and north Pacific. Sometimes they also odd Mediterranean. Similar gray seal, Fouquet found, but flattened snout, longer than wide. Males can reach a length of three meters and a weight of 320 kg.

Coat gray color pale to black. Beneficial to swim all the family dogs real sea is Fouquet Hgrnlndit. It moves too quickly across the land. Near the North Pole is located kind of smaller, called Fossa striped, and the Caspian Sea live Fossa Juniors, which seals the smallest. among seals living in the hot days had sex seal monastic once common in the Mediterranean and the beaches of Israel. is we adopted en masse by the person, and is now found mainly in the Black Sea and along the coast of West Africa. Eskimos they used to hunt the species northern ownership of the water. skins installed garments boats kayak, Bsumnm used for cooking and lighting, tendons produced wires and flesh eating., but the Eskimos do not often kill the population of seals as did the white man.

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