Star Fish

Already in ancient times - with murals and mosaics Greek and Roman civilizations are starfish strange animal representing characterizes the sea. Despite the appearance H"flgmti "of creatures that body consists arms H"nmrhot" onto a substrate, the stars - the sea are flexible and firm in their own way and brave the diet predators. In fact, they mane - skin only are significant predators or carrion eaters. They are common in every day, in shallow water to a depth of the sea. Called that, in all languages​​, because of their shape resembles a star. English they are called sea stars or starfish, French - étoile de mer, and See Sterne German. Even the scientific name refers star (Aster).

Stars - double circle symmetry Sea - Five (Fanta radially). The main sign that distinguishes them from a group similar seemingly daring - sea , is that body of the stars of the sea merges into the arms (anatomically tract, split into five sections that penetrate into the arms), and Nahshon the sea there is a clear separation between body, round button and arms" Nachshon " trouble digestive system that penetrates the content. World over 1600 species of Stars Sea, about 25 of them are located on the shores of Israel , of which about 15 species in the Gulf of Eilat . In 1986 it was detected a strange creature , like a disk - Xyloplax initially classified as a representative of a separate department unique , but eventually became evident fact that a representative of the Department of stars - the sea.

Unlike the Hedgehog sea Ssldm creates a framework that encompasses the whole body, skeletal stars sea consists of equity (ossicles), which are panels made ​​of limestone, inherent in the skin (dermis), forming a structure sub my skin is well defined, which seems only when it crumbles living tissue of the body. For example, a water legs, limb movement characteristic mane skin at all, the stars the sea is stabilized by two independent Serial Ambolkrliot, in between going out legs water.

The soft part of the cover body has inherent self-stated and partly tissue and smooth muscles and connective tissue, the key component is collagen changes in viscosity. Protein is subject strands - Neural control skin and can harden in an instant - in response to external stimuli and remain "locked in" for a long time. Wanting to touch up, let go star - sea collagen tissue and then answered his muscular body. This allows them to bend for hours on prey, Oyster locking herself in the shell or coral stone shrank into his cup. If needed star sea muscular strength alone, he could not do it.

Skin of a star the sea covered most brackets or some species even sharp thorns. Including Kozvtim, short spikes of tiny claws bearing edges, whose job is defensive. Body cavity consists of a fluid called liquid shot (Coelomic fluid). The main component of the fluid Who - Sea, containing cells Amboaidim (like an amoeba) moving fluid in the body and give oxygen and food to the peripheral parts of the body. Upper surface of the body is also a porous plate, which is a kind of water filter system water legs (sometimes there are some such).

Mouth of a star the sea is at the bottom of the body, the geometric center. Main stomach, one above the mouth, short matches, predation, and small prey was swallowed into. Stomach affiliates duplicate sections Filoriim (as many arms of the star sea), infiltrate the entire length of the arms and uses the final digestion. Over short bowel stomach ending in the anus in the center of the dorsal side (most kinds of stars Missing Sea rectum). Most kinds of stars Yam able to pull out the front part of the stomach, and wrap her prey , if it is too big to swallow, or to spread it over the prey can not be separated from the substrate (such as coral). Undigested food - like shells and remains undigested - ejected from the mouth .

Digestive system also includes a system of radial canals that surround the mouth opening and important parts of the body and arms, which is pumped through the axial organ, blood-like fluid that provides nutrients dissolved mainly parts of the body and various organs. Stars Moving sea mainly through a system of feet of water similar to that of echinoderms - sea. This system made ​​of thin tubes that carry suckers edges, and attach a vacuum (vacuum) to solid objects. Thin tubes go down the sockets at the bottom of the arms. In addition to the grip shape of feet of water, able stars - sea tilt or wrap their arms flexibility to natural and synthetic substrates, and roll over.

Using water legs feel superstars - Sea the substrate and the following objects in contact with them. Some kinds of stars - Sea Eyes are not - developed at the far end of the arms. Such eye in the summary of the light-sensitive pigment, which has a connection to the nervous system.

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