In the breeding season , from May to September , rising sea turtles ashore to lay their eggs on land , a few meters from the sea. The female turtle sandy beach rises until it reaches beyond the tide line ( edge of the water during high tide ) . A female sea turtle lay eggs should far enough salt water as this may damage the delicate eggshell . She digs a hole , lays eggs inside the strict cover them well in the sand.

Eggs incubated in the hot sun for two months . Habkoaim hatch for a few nights and turn right into the sea. Bright light reflected surf and marks them the way to the sea and they get there quickly. Turtles navigate their way through the sea with the magnetic field of the Earth and females of return to the same beach where they hatched to lay their eggs as adults .

Sea turtles there are several natural predators : Ghost crabs , marine bird species ( such as Pelican ) , sharks and other marine creatures . Foxes also steal the nests of sea turtles and beat the eggs. Foxes are natural predators of the turtles since they were not found on the beach before, but came to wake the person. The biggest enemy of sea turtles today is people.

Most of the vulnerability of sea turtles in the country beams unintentionally . Sea turtles were hunted in the past, and in the 30s of the 20th century , during the British Mandate in Israel , hunted each year about 2,000 green turtles along the coast of the country. Sea turtles are caught accidentally fishing nets and hooks , get in and eat garbage that is in the sea and on the coast, casualties clipper ships such as motor boats and jet skis , and severe violations of their spawning sites .

Dumping sites are sandy beaches with easy access to the sea, all along the coast of Israel . The construction of marinas and breakwaters along the coast north damages transporting sand and an imbalance of the sand on the beaches and coastline are reduced in areas where turtles lay . Many beaches disturbed in the breeding season ( summer ) by the parties, unregulated nights beaches , lights and fires . Lights coming from roads close to the sea , restaurants and even bonfires on the beach confuse the turtles had just hatched and are looking for the light cast from the waves to find their way to the sea. A wild ride on the beaches can harm turtles and their nests and creates Colisim ( slots ) sand fall to the young turtles can not leave them. Intensive construction and accelerated development of the beaches caused severe damage to spawning beaches .

Parks is the government body responsible for nature conservation in the country and as such is committed to protecting sea turtles. For this NPA has established a national center in 1999 to rescue sea turtles, sea turtles are brought to the wounded and hurt for treatment and rehabilitation and the goal is to restore them back to the sea. Announcing the beaches and nature reserves and national parks allows to protect coastal construction over time on the beach, accommodation at the beach in the breeding season, etc.. Sea Turtles rescue center there is also a core breeding green sea turtle which is endangered in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean living two species of sea turtles alone and threatening them with extinction. This page has information on the history of the development of sea turtles, the breeding of sea turtles, the dangers they are exposed, the circulation in the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea Turtle Protection Program Israel's Nature Reserves Authority and genetic imprinting mechanism of sea turtles for breeding.

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